Mr. Hamed El-Kady

International Investment Policy Officer,
Division of Investment and Enterprise, UNCTAD

Mr. Hamed El-Kady specializes in international investment policies and their interplay with national development strategies. He has been working with UNCTAD's Division on Investment and Enterprise since 2002. Mr. El-Kady is part of the core team drafting the World Investment Report and has authored a number of UNCTAD’s series on International Investment Policies for Development. Mr. El-Kady provides technical assistance to Government officials and policy makers on issues related to international investment policies. This includes advisory services on the revision of model bilateral investment treaties (BITs), and investment chapters in regional free trade agreements. He coordinated the implementation of over forty international, regional and national seminars, workshops and conferences on investment issues worldwide. Mr. El-Kady is a member of UNCTAD's Technical Task Force on the Arab States and UNCTAD's Task Force on the World Investment Forum (WIF). He has published various articles on international trade and investment policies and their development implications. He is a frequent panelist at international conferences on investment policies, and lecturer for various academic institutions.

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